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The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs launched two major actions to support the improvement of grain and oil production capacity

Release time: 2023-06-21

      To give full play to the role of the "national team" to ensure the stable and safe supply of food and important agricultural products,近日,The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the Implementation Plan of the Action to Increase the yield of Major crops such as Grain and Oil in Large Areas (2023-2030) and the Action Plan of the "Social Service of Agricultural Reclamation + Local".,It aims to focus on staple crops such as grain and oil,With the integrated promotion of high yield and high efficiency technology model, we should strive to improve the yield level of agricultural reclamation,The demonstration of social services will drive local governments to raise the level of production per unit area,This will provide strong support for the implementation of a new round of action to increase grain production capacity by 50 million metric tons。

      Clear scheme,Through the implementation of agricultural reclamation grain and oil and other major crops to increase the yield of large areas and "agricultural reclamation social services + local" action,Take 3-5 years,The overall grain production capacity of the land reclamation system will be increased by 3 billion jin,It increased local grain production by 7 billion metric tons,In total, China's comprehensive grain production capacity has increased by 10 billion jin。By 2030, the unit yield of major crops such as grain and oil will reach a new level。

      The plan pointed out that the large-area yield improvement of major crops such as grain and oil should be carried out in accordance with the work method of "grasping 1 year urgently, grasping 3 years closely, grasping 5 years continuously, and grasping 10 years long"。Focus on the selection of related reclamation areas and farms in the northeast, Huang-Huai-hai, middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, Northwest, South China and other five advantageous areas,Around soybean, corn, rice, wheat, rape, cotton, sugarcane and other crops,Integrated promotion of advanced and mature technology models suitable for different production areas and farming systems,We will focus on demonstration and promotion of high-yield and high-efficiency technology models in major producing areas of grain, oil and other major crops。

      proposal,A number of key reclamation areas and farms should be selected,We will promote better fields, better methods, better opportunities and better systems,We will build a number of high-yield model fields and integrated high-yield farms,Demonstration drive a large area of balanced production increase;It is necessary to give full play to the scientific and technological innovation advantages of colleges, research institutes and enterprises in reclamation area,We will intensify efforts to build scientific and technological complexes,Build a high-level scientific and technological innovation platform;We will carry out the first campaign to complete the construction of high-standard farmland reclamation,Summarize the technical mode and experience of the protection and utilization of black land,To carry out the construction of "one big and one small" agricultural machinery equipment promotion and application pilot area,We will promote mechanization in the whole process of tilling, planting, managing and harvesting grain and oil,Promote the integrated development of agricultural machinery and equipment and information technology;We will strengthen management of the use of state-owned agricultural land for land reclamation,We will explore measures to promote unified operation and management of agricultural production in reclamation areas where conditions permit,We will improve the agricultural operation and service capacity of state-owned farms。

      Scheme requirement,We should aim to increase local agricultural production and farmers' incomes,Focus on the integration of small farmers and modern agricultural development,Various forms of social services such as transfer of land management rights, whole-process trusteeship, single-link trusteeship, pre-natal and post-natal comprehensive services, information docking, and financial insurance guarantee will be carried out,Promote diverse typical service models such as agricultural service companies, village-enterprise cooperation, consortia, leading enterprises and leading party building,Spread and apply advanced agricultural production techniques and models of land reclamation in local areas,We will promote large-scale local production,We will encourage local governments to accelerate the construction of modern agriculture,We will promote the high-quality integrated development of reclaimed land。Through the implementation of actions, reclaimed land will jointly create a number of social service demonstration sites for agricultural reclamation, establish a number of service standards, cultivate a number of service brands, and strengthen a number of collective economic organizations to help comprehensively promote rural revitalization and accelerate the construction of an agricultural power。

      It is understood,The Implementation Plan for the Improvement of Large-area unit yield of Major crops such as grain and Oil (2023-2030) also specially formulated three-year activity plans around the two key crops of soybeans and corn,From 2023 to 2025, it is proposed to organize and carry out the activities of improving yield of soybean and corn per unit area in the agricultural reclamation system。

      (Source: Farmers Daily)