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The group company held a theme education research results exchange meeting

Release time: 2023-08-07


      In order to further promote the implementation of theme education, in accordance with the deployment of the provincial and social theme education leading group, on the morning of August 5, the company held a theme education research results exchange meeting。Members of the provincial Party group, deputy director of the Council Zhang Zhonghui, provincial second-level inspector Liu Zhiwei came to guide, members of the company's Party committee and party branch secretaries attended the meeting。Party Secretary Ma Zhaohui presided over the meeting。


      At the meeting, the members of the Party committee of the company respectively focused on the typical cases of positive and negative aspects, conducted in-depth analysis and discussion on the research topics of the personal title, and exchanged speeches one by one。According to the requirements of the provincial community theme education leading group and the company party committee arrangement,From how to adhere to the guidance of party building and problem orientation to continue to promote the high-quality development of the company, talent team construction, accounts receivable settlement, three-level joint construction, agricultural supplies and stable prices, grass-roots party building and other aspects of in-depth investigation and research,Find out the problems and shortcomings in the work,Discuss the countermeasures and methods to solve the problem,Put forward reasonable suggestions for promoting the company's business development with high quality。

      Zhang Zhonghui made a concluding speech,He points out,We must continue to use the Party's innovation theory to guide investigation and research,学深悟透习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想,Deeply recognize the deep meaning of learning and self-examination,Through in-depth study and research, compare positive and negative cases to strengthen incentives and constraints,Deep analysis of the lack of self-search,Comprehensively improve the quality of self-cultivation, behavior quality。First, the subject education should be true learning, true realization, and true application, in order to improve theoretical cultivation, not as a form, do not waste the opportunity to learn。The second is to study the essence of the phenomenon of the problem, to find the problem in advance, timely study the problem, and quickly solve the problem, in order to improve their professional quality。The third is to combine negative warnings and positive incentives for positive and negative cases, contrast to find gaps, contrast to engage in warnings, and contrast to engage in incentives, in order to improve their work style, work discipline, and self-restraint。Fourth, the analysis should go deep into the root of the problem in order to achieve self-summary, self-purification and self-improvement。

      Zhang Zhonghui fully affirmed the research results and put forward specific opinions。First, the topic selection is more extensive, more targeted, more in-depth research, and the problems found are more prominent。However, the way of investigation and the depth of research need to be further strengthened, and the next step needs to form a systematic and systematic overall plan and planning。The second is the overall depth, breadth and touch of positive and negative revelation。However, the depth of inspiration should be strengthened, such as positive cases need to learn to refine the concept rather than repeat practices, negative cases of inspiration is to learn from the experience and lessons around, draw examples, make examples to example, and truly realize the case to promote education, to promote reform, to promote treatment。Third, in the aspect of self-analysis to continue to deepen, can not be superficial。

      Zhang Zhonghui put forward four suggestions for the next step of the company: First, to study the provincial agricultural service company's political philosophy, market positioning, management experience, fighting spirit, work style and corporate culture。The second is to draw lessons and use cases to promote education, reform, treatment and construction。It is necessary to absolutely obey the strategic deployment of the Party Central Committee, the provincial Party Committee, the national headquarters and the provincial social Party group, strictly implement the triple decision-making system, strengthen internal management and the implementation of the system, especially the work of clearing debts, and further take strong measures。Third, focus on the main business, fully and accurately implement the new development concepts, and promote high-quality development。It is necessary to have a scientific development strategy that meets the market demand and has a broad vision, and create a new industry of its own production and management on the basis of focusing on becoming an agricultural integrated service provider。Fourth, to strengthen the leadership of the Party, there must be strong safeguard measures, consolidate the results of theme education research, there must be strong institutional constraints, and ensure the healthy development of enterprises。

      Finally, Ma Zhaohui made a statement on behalf of the company's party committee。He says,The company will persevere,Continue to take thematic education as an opportunity,在习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想指引下,全面落实习近平总书记重要讲话精神和党中央、省委和省社党组决策部署,We promoted solid results in thematic education,Strive to promote the high-quality development of enterprises,It will make new and greater contributions to comprehensively promoting rural revitalization, accelerating agricultural and rural modernization, and accelerating the construction of a strong agricultural province。