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Affiliate procedure


• Units that have the conditions to join, consult the local "Hebei Agricultural Resources Fengze Yuan Distribution Center" to join matters;

• After the local "Hebei Agricultural Materials Distribution Center" confirms its franchise qualification, send the "Application Form for joining Hebei Agricultural Materials";

• The applicant shall fill out the Application Form for Joining Hebei Agricultural Materials according to the requirements, and submit it to Hebei Agricultural Materials Distribution Center together with a copy of the business license (stamped with the corporate seal) and a copy of the tax registration certificate;

• The "Hebei Agricultural Materials Distribution Center" will submit the relevant information of the applicant to the regional branch of "Hebei Agricultural Materials" for review, and the regional branch will conduct field inspection and confirmation of the applicant;

• The regional branch of "Hebei Agricultural Materials" submits the relevant information and inspection opinions of the confirmed franchisees to the headquarters of "Hebei Agricultural Materials". After the headquarters reviews and confirms, the relevant regional branch and distribution center of "Hebei Agricultural Materials" will be notified to formally handle the signing formalities of joining。